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Hi, I'm Ali. I first came to yoga for vanity reasons. I was living as a struggling artist and looking for a cheap way to work out. I had gone from training rigorously in dance to quite a sedentary lifestyle and I wanted to keep off the pounds and maintain my flexibility.


I had no real idea of what yoga was or what I was getting myself into when I nervously arrived at an unassuming yoga studio run by donation called Yoga To The People for a Power Vinyasa class. 


When we fall in love it often happens when we are least expecting it and I fell hard. I fell in love with the practice, the community and the breath. I fell in love with the flow, the stillness and everything in between.


My initial teacher training was one of the most profound and incredible experiences of my life and brought yoga to a whole new level to me. In the past 10 years since qualifying, yoga has been the most consistent thing in my life and whatever I am doing and wherever I am it has been a part of me.


I have been honoured to teach a lot of different people in different countries in a wide range of settings, from New York to Cambodia, from children to chair yoga


For the past 5 years until June 2020 I was working on a degree in psychology and sociology. I have felt a big gap in Western and Eastern literature and science in relation to health and well-being and I have been learning all that I can to understand and help bridge that gap. My dissertation was on the long-lasting effects of yoga and meditation on well-being which allowed me to do extensive research on the topic, the results of which I integrate within my classes.



I run sessions for care homes - you can find more about it here:

I write!  You can find the articles about yoga here